2008 in a nutshell

This is all ‘s fault.

The approximate shape of 2008:

To write, like, already contracted:
THE PRETENDER’S CROWN (Inheritors’ Cycle, Book 2, due Feb 1 (agh))
CAULDRON BORNE (Walker Papers #4, due June 1)

To write, not already contracted:

To revise:

To write if the stars align:

To propose:
THE IMPERATOR’S HEIR (Inheritors’ Cycle, Book 3)
Project Of Sufficient Coolness & Yet Obviousness That Mentioning Its Name Would Give Somebody Else Perhaps In A Better Position To Pursue It The Right Idea (henceforth known as PoSC)

To attend:
P-Con (Dublin, March 29-30, GoH)
San Diego Comic Con (Jul 24-27)
RWA National (San Francisco, July 30-Aug 2)*
WorldCon (Denver, August 6-10)*
MeCon (Belfast, August 29-31)
Colorado Gold (Denver, Sept 12-14?)
World Fantasy (Calgary, Oct 30-Nov 2)*

To admire on the shelves:

…actually, that really *doesn’t* look that bad.

*Ideally, anyway.


  1. See? Yours is WAY more packed than mine with contracted-for stuff. Right now, anyway. I plan to catch up. :-)

    (although I’ve got all that pesky short fiction you’ve managed to avoid, true…)

  2. Yay, Kit books!

    I may be at WorldCon!

    I am full of punch today!

    More exclamation marks!

    For you!

  3. I only have two contracted books in 2008! You’ve got like nine hundred and eighty must-writes! I have mostly ideal-writes! Oi! :)

  4. and in 2009 either supanova (brisbane) or the brisbane writers fest so Lani can meet you. *nods* ;)

  5. My hubby saw me reading Heart of Stone and got excited because he thought it was the 4th Walker Papers….so by due do you mean due in stores?

  6. No, due to the publisher. It won’t be out until 2009, I’m afraid. :)

  7. BTW, I am being told I’d do better at RWA than WorldCon next year, since the timing is sort of, um, difficult to do both. What do you think? (feel free to take this to e-mail)

  8. ComicCon ComicCon ComicCon.

    We can hang and have dinner!

  9. Busy Kit! But if Pretender’s Crown were due February 2nd you should be able to see if it casts a shadow and if so, six more weeks of rewrite!

    I’ll be at the Denver Worldcon; hope to see you there!

  10. I so cannot wait for HOuse of Cards. BTW, I sent Heart of Stone to my friend (we do a book exchange) and this is what she had to say about it:

    “Speaking of which, I finished it today, and oh my GOD I want to have its BABIES. Have you got the next one? xDDD *addicted* ”

    She and I pretty much have the same opinion on it. :-)

  11. Bitchin’, if you come to Worldcon in Denver, you’ll probably get to see me! ^_^

  12. The most common complaint readers have is that writers don’t write the books as fast as they can read them. You are, it seems, attempting to redress the balance…

  13. Oddly enough, people still seem to feel I’m not writing fast enough… :)

  14. Sadly, Worldcon is the least likely of the 3 for me to attend, but hopefully! :)

  15. *stares at you in horror*

  16. Ooh! Children of the Heart of Stone! Spinoff!

  17. I was pleased to see yesterday, while I was buying Xmas presents for myself at Borders, not one, not two, but THREE Kit novels on the shelves — two copies of US, one copy of CD, and four copies of HoS. I had to restrain myself from doing a silly happy dance, as there was a very serious and focused man standing right next to me who looked like he was having a rough day…

  18. *beams* Yaaaay!

  19. I’ll keep my fingers crossed! ^_^

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