Apparently the manner in which Zilli is leaned up against me causes him, from the angle at which Ted is sitting, to appear to be a thalidomide kitty. Ted would not let me take a picture of the thalidomide kitty and post it. He said that was tasteless. :)

I wrote a short story last night! Now I just need to do that four more times. :)

The weather did not betray us. Yesterday was surprisingly lovely, and so far today it is not raining. We are profoundly grateful.

I’m sure I’ve got something else to talk about, but instead of sitting here trying to think of it I’m going to go do some work.

ytd miles swum: 17.5
ytd wordcount: 319,400

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  1. If rain depresses you, you moved to the wrong spot, dearling. :) I have trouble comprehending ice in September, even though up till this time last year, I lived where we did have actual winter. Now, however, I have a 50-foot Norfolk Island pine in my back yard. (In other places, it’s usually a 3-foot tall house plant.) We’ll get a cold front sometime in October, which will push the tides way, way out, and I might get to find a sand dollar. But I did get my biggest clump of barnacles yet after Hurricane Edouard came through…

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