cover art for Bewitching Benedict

Me: I will watch s5 Orphan Black when I have launched BEWITCHING BENEDICT Me: I will watch s5 Orphan Black when I’ve got REDEEMER sorted Me: I will watch s5 Orphan Black when I have this unexpected thing sent off Me: I will watch s5 Orphan Black when KISS OF ANGELS is written Dear Me: […]

I went blackberry picking this morning, which I’ve been feeling torn up about having had no time to do. (I genuinely feel better for having gone.) I’d found a good run of them a couple weeks ago and went to check it out, to great success: That’s over a kilo of berries picked in about […]

Picoreview: Inhumans: not *as* bad as the reviews said. To further illuminate that comment, I also went to see Rough Night this week, and of the two, Inhumans is not the one I wanted to walk out of. That said, you should not in any way mistake it for *good*. I went because I was […]

Today has not really gone as expected. Poor Indy has a quite awful cold, and woke up around 4am miserable with it, so that pretty well shut down my night’s sleep. I spent most of the morning sure I would still manage to get some work done somehow anyway, and then the poor kid fell […]

I WENT to the gym this morning. I barely caught the bus and I’d been thinking if I missed it I’d go for a good long Pokéhunt and get some new goggles because the ones I’ve been using are Indy’s and they’re not very comfortable but I can’t find mine, but I caught it so […]