Sex, politics, murder and betrayal arrive with this re-release of THE QUEEN’S BASTARD! Amazon || Apple || Barnes & Noble (Nook) || Kobo Belinda Primrose deals in secrets. Since childhood, Belinda has known she was the unacknowledged daughter of Lorraine, the unwed queen of Aulun, an island nation on the edge of the vast Echonian […]

Clearly by the Monday of Worldcon I was too tired to even be writing about it a week later. :) I’d actually been doing very well up until the Monday morning, really. I hadn’t been getting enough sleep, but apparently going home to sleep in my own bed made a real difference, because I didn’t […]

I actually still have the event app on my phone so I can even REMEMBER what I was doing on these days. Sunday I had an interesting panel, “Fantasies of Irish emigration,” about why so much fantasy–especially urban fantasy–seems to get written ABOUT Ireland without much of it being set IN Ireland. I called out […]

I am forgetting SO MUCH STUFF it isn’t even funny. Like moments where I saw a friend Thursday evening, gave her, in fact, a Word Warriors ribbon, and then saw her again at the Friday morning Word Warriors meetup, then saw her AGAIN on Saturday and was like “OMG I haven’t even seen you AT […]

I remember what I did on Thursday for lunch! I had lunch with an editor! A couple years ago, at Worldcon 75, I got to go to the Hugo Loser’s Party, and I was going around taking pictures of the winners in their silly hats. A Tor editor who was following the party on Twitter […]