Hey, today really IS launch day! Book 3 in my Dublin Driver cozy mystery series, DEATH OF AN IRISH MUMMY, is out today! If you’re just here for the links, it’s available now on: Amazon (affiliate link) || Apple || Barnes & Noble || Kobo Squiring a self-proclaimed heiress around Dublin has got limo driver […]

So it turns out that the heat’s never worked properly in this house since we moved in. Here’s the thing: the heating in Ireland is such shit that this never occurred to us as a possibility. We’ve been trained to think sleeping in gloves is just a thing you have to do sometimes. The radiators […]

I am lying. Today is not launch day. Today is the day I remember to post about launch day. :] But: launch day! New novella! PRACTICAL BOOTS, a story of the Torn, is now available! These boots are made for walking… The disappointing daughter of a Lord of the Torn, Cat Sharp was dumped in […]

I recently decided that I needed to tidy up the professional side of my website, and, since I’m not blogging much anymore, came to a crisis of conscience: did I want to turn mizkit.com over to a professional-only website? Mes amis, I did not. So I registered Catie Murphy dot com (because CE Murphy dot […]

Mes amis, I am so delighted to announce that the second book in my paranormal romance shapeshifters series, LIBRARIAN BEAR, is now available! LIBRARIAN BEAR, Book 2 of the Virtue Shifters, is written under the shared pen name of Zoe Chant; so far, the Virtue books are my only Zoe books. I think these are […]