I have a post-Thanksgiving plan. It does not involve eating sensibly, because let’s face it, we’re heading into the time of year where I basically survive on fudge and Christmas oranges, and that doesn’t seem super likely to change. o.o It does involve pilates and yoga. My goal is just to gain more core strength […]

Picoreview: Terminator: Dark Fate: This is the sequel I’ve been waiting for since I was eighteen years old. Look. I’ve got a lot invested in Linda Hamilton, okay? She and Ron Perlman taught me to love both poetry and my name. She remains the single physical icon I would emulate if I…had a personal trainer […]

A big ol’ galaxy. A whole load of aliens. One unlucky human, thrust into the middle of their war… I’m running a crowdfund to do an 8 page comic book (unless we hit our next stretch goals, which might make it a 12 or 16 page comic book)! Starshot is what happens when I want […]

I’m trying to get flu shots for Young Indiana and myself. This should not, you would think, be particularly hard. (You would, in fact, perhaps THINK that the schools do them, but they don’t.) It’s super easy for *me* to get a flu shot. I can just stop by any ol’ pharmacy and do that. […]