Picoreview: The Last Jedi: Eh. The thing is, someday I’ll stop expecting to love Star Wars movies. They are not for me. I’ve never cared much. I didn’t see the originals until I was more or less an adult, and lack the rose-colored glasses most of my (and subsequent) generations view them with. Rogue One […]

day two books!

To the vast amusement of the friends in the previous post, I have written…I don’t know. Something in the region of 30,000 words in the past week. #Nanowriweek, another friend said. It was actually intended to be *much* closer to an actual Nanowriweek, except something went Horribly Wrong with SEAMASTER and I spent literally all […]

day two books!

I hoped to get this stupid book all written in November, but with one thing and another (those things being 1. lack of a concentrated plot & 2. a 3 week head cold), I didn’t, and I’ve been despairing over finishing in time, although as Friend #2 below said, “Girl, you can fart 3000 words.” […]

As always, I’ll start with the links, just in case that’s what you’re really here for. :) iTunes || Kindle || Kobo || Nook Once upon a time my oldest nephew asked when I was going to write books for little kids. He’s no longer a little kid, and I’ve been working on the Guildmaster […]

For only the third time in however many times I’ve actually tried it, I have achieved Nanowrimo success. Honestly, I wrote quite a lot more than 50K this month, but I managed to get 50,000 vaguely useable words on this project, which is…slightly more than half…of what I was going for…well, we’ll take what victories […]