We’ve Finished Moving & Now I Will Focus On Fitness & Friendships: the (perennial) Catie Murphy Story Step 1: I have to cook now bc Ted has a job again (*quiet,distant sobbing*), so I’ll follow in his footsteps over the past 8 months & do lots of vegetarian cooking Step 2: Open His Cookbooks Step […]

Things have not gone particularly right today. Bank would not allow a standing order of sufficient magnitude to be set up online to pay rent. Went to bank. Ran into friend on the way. Lovely to see her! 20 minute delay on way to bank. Cannot set up standing order at bank kiosk either. Eyed […]

So Monday night (we have no internet access and won’t for another week, if we’re lucky; if we’re not lucky, it’ll be longer) I set forth to Make Dinner in the new house. Except the stove wouldn’t work. Which was to say, it was obviously turning on and stuff, but not heating up. And that […]

HI EVERYBODY EVERYTHING IS INSANE WE’RE MOVING AND AAAAGH IT’S ALL GOING BADLY! So my husband got a new job in Dublin (yay!) and we found a house to move in to (yay!) and, uh, the moveing van was only big enough to take HALF our stuff (boo!) and we can’t afford to rent another […]

Marvel Movie Marathon: Dark World: this is much less bad than I remember. Like, if I had to choose between watching it again and watching Iron Man 3 again I’d definitely choose Dark World. Dark World is the second Marvel movie I hadn’t rewatched, although I’d rewatched parts of it. Going in a second time, […]