I had great plans for writing this month. They were going to be like this:

“Get up Monday morning & start writing! Then write during nap time! And steal an hour after Ted comes home to write! Do that every day until the book is done! HOO RAH!”

The reality: go to bed Saturday with an impending cold (no, not con crud; I’m afraid I’ll be Patient Zero for P-Con’s crud this year), be utterly wrecked by Sunday night, be such a Snoresy McSnoresA-Lot that it drives the poor husband to sleep in the couch, eke every moment of sleep possible out of Sunday night and Monday night, and spend nap time desperately crossing those items what could be accomplished via computer off the To-Do list. Which was 32 items yesterday and is down to heck fire, 22 today.

– send books to irish cousin
– send books to american cousins
print out NO DOMINION for mom & dad
– continue work on webpage
– write the PRSI letter
– finish the tree house
blog about gwen
plane tickets to eastercon
answer email about eastercon for god’s sake
book eastercon hotel
empty garbages
– vacuum
– sign my name (literally) 1000 times with the above ink
– answer faith’s email
– write magical words blog
– call airtricity
– call voice people
bring glass to recycling centre
return stuff to eason’s
– go to bed early. for the love of god, go to bed early.