a brief radio silence

For once I was actually prepared to post things and was thwarted by WordPress, for some reason, deciding not to let me in to my blog for two days. *shakes a tiny fist* :)

One of the things I was going to post was the next chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS, but because I couldn’t let people know here that it was going up, I didn’t, and now I feel that it’s past my appropriate window of opportunity, so the next chapter for Patreons will go up next week. :)

Another was that I’m writing a Regency romance so obviously I’m reading…science fiction. In fact, Ted actually commented on how I’d dropped the Regencies I was reading like they were a hot potato and had turned to something else, which is par for the course for me (I haven’t read any urban fantasy worth mentioning since about 2005, f’rex :)). Anyway, I’m re-reading Kim Stanley Robinson’s SCIENCE IN THE CAPITAL trilogy, which I’ve read at least twice, possibly thrice, before, and I seem to like it better every time I read it. Except for the part where it makes me feel like a failure as a human mammal because I can’t run more than half a block without dying. :)

And in more or less the last of “things I was going to post about”, the book is still not done. It has now gone more than 30% past projected length and is not yet done. Khaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaan!

(In other news, I love my friends. A sudden passionate discussion about why Hank McCoy is incredibly sexy has just popped up on my Twitter feed. :))

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  1. Still writing (and avoiding reading) urban fantasy? Then you’re missing out. I think you’d love the Iron Druid series by Kevin Hearne. Interestingly, it’s also a planned-to-be-nine-book series. Book 7 is out a week before Shaman Rises, so the second half of June is going to be Happy Urban Fantasy Book Reading for me!

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