bucket list

I recall, in college, writing what would now be referred to as a Bucket List. I don’t remember much of what was on it–publish 50 books and own a black stallion are the two items I remember. (Even at the time, the former seemed more likely than the latter.) A couple years ago I went to the Hill of Tara, which, thanks to Madeline L’Engle, was Bucket List material for me, and I tell you what, I think this is one for the Bucket List, too: Earth Meets Sky: the Bolivian salt flats.

I mean, damn.


  1. I have more places for you to visit for your Bucket List.
    Visit http://www.wherethehellismatt.com and watch Matt Harding’s videos. He travels the world, videoing himself dancing. Some of the most beautiful places on earth make it into his videos.
    The Bolivian Salt Flats are the opening scene for his first video. Impressive.

  2. Wait, it is his second video that he opens in the slt flatts.

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