Actual Manor House

There’s been an unexpected benefit to having gone out and chopped my way through the nettles and brambles in search of blackberries, which is that I tromped quite a path out there and unintentionally exposed the plants to quite a lot more sunlight than they’d been getting. That, combined with a couple of weeks of […]

This is long, but I’m Showing Stuff Off, so I’m not putting it behind a cut. :) The house & front garden: The sun room (with slightly distorted child), visible to the right of the house: The living room end of the Long Room: The dining room end of the Long Room: The library: To […]

SIX WEEKS to the day, we have broadband back again. I do not EVEN have the heart to explain it all but it involved orders being cancelled and resubmitted and me almost bursting into tears on the phone support lady and managers green-lighting priority work for my account and a two-month credit being issued for […]

I can’t even. The new modem arrived Wednesday. I plugged it in. It didn’t work. I called tech support. After (another) half hour on the phone with them, they concluded I had a faulty modem. A FAULTY MODEM. AFTER ALL OF THIS, A FAULTY MODEM. They sent a new modem over by courier on Thursday […]

I have temporarily slaved my computer to my phone in order to get online for a few minutes. It is not an ideal solution. *** Oh thank god, I said faintly, somehow the rtf file (opened with libreoffce) that previously would not show comments on a manuscript has suddenly decided it doesn’t mind doing so, […]