Daily Life

I keep not blogging because my life is so full of mundanity that there is no reason to blog about it. For example, Saturday’s excitement was getting up at 5:30am, a time when no one in Ireland is awake unless they’re coming at it from the other side, walking 9.5 miles and, instead of getting […]

The good news is it turned out the last box on the dining room table had only diapers in it. They’ve gone into the shed, after I finished filling the box with other baby stuff I’d found in other random boxes. So that’s something. I’ve moved all the boxes of random crap out from under […]

If we can catch up to Swan River Press this week I’ll post the first chapter of SHAMAN RISES on Friday evening. :) He’s 600 votes ahead of us and gets 100 votes a day as standard, so we’ve got a LOT of catching up to do! :)

You guys have got my back. I was kind of too busy with other stuff to really plug the #LastDays project yesterday, but we still got nearly 100 votes. Aiming for 1800 today! Go go go go go! Vote for the Last Days project! A couple of friends have gotten good news recently, none of […]