All I want out of life is a plate of chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I don’t even *like* chocolate chip peanut butter cookies. I find them a perpetual disappointment. But I desperately want some. This isn’t getting any easier. It’s not actually that it’s hard, it’s that it makes me grumpy, at least in […]

Actually Day Eat All The Things was yesterday and today has been Eat Hardly Any Of The Things, because there were So Many Things Eaten Yesterday. I had caramel-coated popcorn at the movie theatre. It’s probably verboten under the circumstances, but I didn’t subsidize it with a soda, which I’d have done if I’d gotten […]

Yesterday morning was extremely bad, but that was due to calorie deficit, not sugar withdrawals, per se. I don’t know what tonight’s utterly hideous temper was about, as I didn’t feel NEARLY as hungry as I did yesterday (I got trail mix. it helps). Bad goddamn mood, though. Exacerbated by knowing I wouldn’t actually feel […]

Lemon Meringue Pie

Got on the scale this morning. It told me I was down 3.4 pounds. That’s not to be expected as a typical drop, but neither is it alarming in the first week of a major eating overhaul, especially when combined with a concerted effort to get my 10K steps in daily. Pretty sure my caloric […]

We have survived a week of this nonsense. My calorie consumption is down a ridiculous amount. I’d know exactly how much if I’d been keeping track before, but I roughed it out and it’s a lot. And I’m hungry, but I’ve recently learned to drink a couple of tisanes and the hot liquid makes some […]