I was supposed to write a book with Jay Lake. Back in the day–I think, in fact, that it was the first (and somehow possibly only, but no, that can’t be right) time we met in real life, at World Fantasy in Saratoga Springs–this whole discussion about the speed with which Jay and I wrote […]

For once I was actually prepared to post things and was thwarted by WordPress, for some reason, deciding not to let me in to my blog for two days. *shakes a tiny fist* :) One of the things I was going to post was the next chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS, but because I couldn’t […]

O.M.G. I sent my friend Marc some fudge in December because, er, well, frankly, he made it easy by just posting his address on one of the pictures of fudge I’d posted, and it amused me, so, fudge. I just got the same container back in the mail, except now it was filled with Marc’s […]