Ban an Appai

Ban an appai, the name of this boat, means something like “witchy woman,” as far as I can tell. This was taken down somewhere in County Cork in the general area of where my friend Kate’s grandmother is buried (give or take ten square miles) She might remember more specifically where it is, but it’s […]

Bantry Bay Rainbow

Bantry is, in road miles, not all that far from Cork city. Eighty miles, or something. They are, however, eighty miles on bitty wee twisty tiny roads intended for horses and paved over when cars became prevailant, so it’s a much longer drive than one might necessarily expect. It ought to be taken on a […]

Baby Bongo at Dublin Zoo

This baby bongo was born last year at Dublin Zoo. I remember the first time I saw the male bongo, whose antlers (horns?) are quite magnificent. He was curled against one of the fences, his head lowered so his mouth was near the ground, and when I looked at him through my camera viewfinder, I […]

Annie Moore

This statue of Annie Moore and her brothers Phillip and Anthony look west at Cobh Harbour, from whence so many Irish left for America. Annie was the first immigrant processed at the newly opened Ellis Island on January 1, 1892, the same facility my own grandfather passed through almost thirty-five years later. There’s a statue […]

Prowling Sumatran tiger at Dublin Zoo

Just in case you were under the impression you might not be lunch. This one I think is really more of a high-quality snapshot than a Kitsnap, which I like to imagine have, like, Artistic Merit, but not everything has to be top shelf, right? Right. I have to figure out some way to reduce […]