So I watched s7 Supernatural because they introduced Amanda Tapping as a character in s8 and I wanted to know how they got there, and they’ve just done it, but my God, s8 has been a snoozefest so far. I mean, I’m one of those who thinks the show ended with s5 and that they’ve […]

Picoreview: White House Down: Ted and I went to White House Down (after much debate, starting first with the idea of going to About Time or the equally romantic date movie Elysium, then deciding we’d see Rush and then finding White House Down was starting earlier and sounded more fun) this weekend. It was a […]

the essential kit

Revisions on SHAMAN RISES are taking a ridiculously long time, because I have to keep looking up details–names, aura colors, locations–in other books. I have only had to resort to Twitter twice, although it might in general be faster to ask Teh Intarwebs instead of searching my own manuscripts. :) I also finished watching the […]

the essential kit

So my friend won tickets to see “We Will Rock You” in Dublin and put out a call on FB to see if anybody wanted to go with him. I said, “Me, me!” and so we went. Let me make this clear: “We Will Rock You” is pretty awful…and yet by the end of it, […]