Picoreview: Godzilla: too long, too loud, and with no reason to stay through the credits. In some regards great (particularly Godzilla itself, which looked and fought like a man in an extremely sophisticated rubber suit, which I mean as a compliment); in others, infuriating. I’m not, for what it’s worth, an original Godzilla fan, and […]

So since moving to Ireland we’ve learned the numminess of Indian food (Alaska, as it turns out, is not a place to get good Indian). But it’s expensive to order out, of course, and jarred sauces are, well, jarred sauce quality, so I’ve been kind of wanting to try some recipes at home. I found […]

I cannot for love or money get this Birthday of the Unconquered Sun account to work, so I’m going to have to bail on that aspect of it. However, if people want to send pictures in to my email address botuc at OUTLOOK dot COM that would be great!, that would be cool!

Sorry about weird random posts showing up, guys. We’re doing some website work and odd things are getting pushed out. It’ll stop soon. :)

I would write a picoreview of Riddick, except Ursula has already pretty well nailed it. Every time I watch a Riddick film I want to write a character like him (only female, because me). The whole baddest bad guy who is the lesser of two evils in a bad situation kind of character. I love […]