The Strongbox Chronicles

The Strongbox Chronicles were originally written under a pseudonym, and languished in relative obscurity for reasons completely beyond my control. I am completely thrilled to finally republish these books as C.E. Murphy novels. Although they were never terribly well known, they were well-enough liked by those who read them that over the years people never stopped asking whether there would be more Strongbox Chronicles. I’m delighted to tell those readers that yes, there will be new books in this series. Not right away, because I’ve got a lot of other work to do, but there will be more someday!

In the meantime, these are the Author’s Preferred Editions of the Strongbox Chronicles, which means there have been revisions since their original publication. Mostly I’ve added or fixed some things that I always kind of wanted to, because I’m no longer constrained by the very specific word count length that the books originally had to come in at. The truth is I’m pretty sure that unless you’ve read the originals dozens of times, or read the two versions side by side, you won’t notice any differences, but I’m happier with them!