My friend Maura McHugh‘s new Hellboy-universe comic Witchfinder launched this week. There was a signing today at the local comic shop, where I had the following conversation with a friend:

Him: Reading any good comics?
Me: I’m really reading more *about* comics than actual comics these days.
Him: Oh, you mean like academic journals?
Me: Un, no, I mean like Tumblr…

*laughs* Yes, well, at least I’m honest.

In other comics news, Leah sent my script back with ridiculously helpful commentary which amounted to “Good story, great pacing, great page turns, weak panels” and REWROTE THE PANELS to show me how they could be better done. And they were. And I’m going to have to just move in with her to get the knack of it. Either that or everything I write for the next five years is going to be cowrittenedited by her. Her commentary was genuinely tremendously useful, particularly because I, who am confident about most things, am pretty nerve-wracked over writing comics, and tend to second-guess myself on all aspects to the degree that it’s like 42nd-guessing myself. So hearing from another pro that the place I’m weakest is the place I *know* I’m weakest, and that my shaky confidence in the other stuff is reasonably well placed, was a huge, huge relief.

Also my artist for this piece did up a character sketch that I just. love. So this little story, at least, is definitely going to go forward, and we’ll see what happens after that. I have a really clear idea of how this (and indeed the other Chance-world story) would all eventually tie together with the main Chance storyline. All I need is a small fortune to lose on my own publishing company…