extreme sport sleeping

Last week I apparently participated in some extreme sport sleeping. I can tell because I woke up with a knot the size of Kansas in my neck and shoulder, and then the next day the middle of my back went out.

Young Indiana, employing new techniques learned from his aunt, gave me a genuinely terrific massage that dealt with the middle back problems, but my neck was really a mess. I went to my PT, who said, “Wow, that’s a big knot!” and worked on it thoroughly and it’s loosening up. Slowly.

Really what happened was I took Ireland’s version of Nyquil (which, unlike actual Nyquil, still has active ingredients, and also works on me much more effectively than Nyquil ever did) and I slept so hard that I didn’t move at all for 7 hours one night. I’d think that would mean being so relaxed nothing would ever knot up, but that’s apparently not how it works. Hrmph.

Anyway, the PT said she had another client whose teenage son had come home from Wonder Woman in awe of Diana (not in lust, but in awe of what an amazing superhero she was) and the woman thought, gosh, if my son likes this so much, maybe I’d better go see it, so she’d arranged a girls’ night out to go see it this week, and the PT told, her she had another client (to wit, me) who had seen it 4 times, and I sure hope they all had a good time. :)