Well, frell. I guess this is going to have to do. I can’t swing the look I want, but I think that using the spelt-out DECEMBER 10, 2001 thing makes it look a little better than having the 12.10.01. Helps the balance some, or something. There are some other things that seem bearable (Noah Grey’s setup is nice), but I think doing it would require something of a redesign of my page… again. *crossed eyes*

The cats are sleeping with their arms all around each other. They’re so cute it’s disgusting. Speaking of which, I took some photos I need to upload (one of them if of the cats).

Okay, posting this now and seeing if I can make the comments feature work. I dunno why it’s not working. And it’s the whole POINT. sulk.


  1. testing? are my comments working? does my mind boggle?

  2. testing comment response #2, after I’ve mucked with the *SNEEZE* format some…

  3. Wow, *comments*!

  4. I think you’re making fun of me. :)

  5. would any of us make fun of you? *wide eyed, innocent look*

  6. uh. yeeeeeeeeesssssss… :)

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