gym blog day two gosh i’m cool

guys i went to the gym and i swam 600 meters which is 1. embarrassingly little from my POV & 2. enough to just about kill me omfg *ded*

and then i studied spanish with duolingo for a few minutes while waiting for the bus and then did a rather nice 10 minute meditation on the bus on the way home and GOSH AREN’T I COOL?

it looks pretty apparent to me that “go to the gym immediately upon dropping indy at school” is the way to make this work for me. no chance to go home and find an excuse to not go to the gym. also ted figures he’ll catch the bus TO the gym that i’ll be taking HOME, which means as long as i get to the gym there’s an external expectation for him to be there (because i’ll expect to see him getting off the bus when i’m getting on it!) so that might work out very well for both of us. fingers crossed, anyway.