Holy crap, he did it.

I am utterly flabbergasted that McCain chose Alaska governor Sarah Palin as his running mate. There were rumors, but it didn’t seem likely, what with her being a woman and utterly inexperienced on the national level of politics. It is, as one article said, a Hail Mary pass, and I have an absolute horror of it doing what they hope: pulling disenfranchised female Democrats to the Republican ticket. All I can think is I hope not one of the women who make that choice ever knows anybody who needs an abortion. I would like to think that nobody’s that dumb, but the last two presidential elections in the States have made me a whole lot more cynical than I once was.

As soon as this was announced, somebody emailed me to ask what I thought of Palin. On one hand, she doesn’t seem to take much shit from the oil companies. She talks a good game about rooting out the corruption in Alaskan politics. On the other, my impression of her is that she goes into a situation with her mind already made up, and nothing changes it. Sometimes this has extremely entertaining effects. Others, not so much. Either way, it’s not a trait I want to see in the vice president of the United States. Then again, “Republican” is not a trait I want to see in the VP, so there you go.

Gotta say, this is the first time in history, probably, that Alaskan politics have mattered to the Lower 48….


  1. I agree, I too thought it was a Hail Mary pass. And I can tell you, it pissed me right off. He didn’t pick her because she was a strong choice for backup president (first term governor? really? *really?*)… he picked her because it made his image look better, and like you said, to sway the Hilary voters. As a female I was actually offended when I first heard about it.

    Anyway, Obama gave a good speech. Didja watch/hear it?

  2. Obama gave an AWESOME speech. I’m tempted not to be worried about this election because I think only a crazy person would elect McCain at this point. But I’m pretty sure I had the same thoughts last election.

    Fingers crossed ladies and gents. Let’s hope there aren’t people dumb enough to fall for this little game.

  3. I have to second that. What a transparent move, but then, did you really expect anything less? Just what we need, another NRA right-to-bear-arms freak running around waving her six-shooter. And the woman’s voice irritates me to no end.

    Obama’s speech was great. The guy is taking on rock star status. I mean, I like him and he’s got my vote (like I want four more years of this crap?) but you gotta worry about anyone who inspires that kind of fanatacism because it can easily go both ways (especially in the current atmosphere of “cooperation and tolerance” in this country). Look what happened to Lennon.

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