Iron Man & NIN

I donno if anybody else is a Nine Inch Nails fan, but they’re giving away free digital copies of their new album over at *downloads happily*

I shall put my babbling about Iron Man behind a cut, but there is one thing I will say up front which is not a spoiler:

ZOH. MAH. GAHD. we had better get to see Pepper in an Iron Suit by the end of the third movie! ZOMG! ZOMG!! I want this! I Must Have This! Because if RDJr can be *that sexy* in an Iron Man suit (I mean, not that he isn’t anyway, but!), then how hot would Gwyneth Paltrow be?!?!?! ZOMG!

Right, then, on to the spoilers, many of which I’m trying to talk around anyway, but spoiler-cut non-the-less.

There were so many best bits in this movie I don’t even know where to start. No, that’s not true, I do too know: the first absolutely wrenchingly good moment was Yinsen: “This was always the plan.” I knew he was gonna die, of course, but I had no idea he would get to go out with such a *fantastic* line. AUGH MY HEART.

The stewardesses. *howls with laughter* I’m sorry, that just fell under Totally Best Evar, and it was only one of like six shout-out-loud laughter moments.

The *robots*. Especially, “Good boy,” which, *d’awww*! But just Tony’s entire interaction with them was fantastic. I want robots like that. Ok, I want an Iron Suit, too, but nevermind.

I need an icon of Iron Man walking away from the tank explosion. I *know* I saw a still of that somewhere, but now I can’t find it. *snivel*

I really didn’t expect it to be as funny as it was. I don’t know which I liked better, him slamming through the roof, the floor, and smashing a car, or later when he moved the smooshed car and took the same route out again. *laughs a lot*

Jarvis was awesome. “Oh, yes, sir, that’ll be much more discreet.”

The end of this movie–not the after-the-credits tag, but the end–made me want to jump up just like the press did. *laughs* It *totally* fit the character, and I *completely* didn’t expect it. That was *awesome*. And then *fwoomp*, cut to black, leaving me all BUT I WANT MOOOOOOOOOOORE! and !!! WHERE DOES THE NEXT ONE *START*!?!?!?

There were some 20 people in the theatre at the end of the credits. 4 of them were women. 3 of them were clearly humouring their boyfriends. I, however, went, “WAAAAAAAAAAAAAA HOOOOOOOOOOOO!” and kicked my feet and shrieked and generally behaved like the most gleeful idiot EVAR, because YEAAAAAAAAAH! Bahahahaah! *kicks feet*!

Overall: I wanted Pepper to have a better part, but I guess for what it was, it wasn’t a bad one. It better get beefed up in a kick-ass way for the next movie, though. That’s really my most significant complaint, and, well, that’s not too bad, really. I liked seeing Terrence Howard in a part that wasn’t…miserable. I’ve only seen him in a couple things (Crash and Lackawanna Blues), and both parts were really good but not happy. So I liked seeing him in this. “Next time, baby.” Bahaha. :)

Clawing at the screen for the next one. CAN HAS MOOVEE NAO PLEZ?