media blackout

I am…desperately behind on writing. This summer–since mid-April–has been…very bad, for writing, and the two projects I hoped to have completed by now are…not. :/ Which means that with 4 months left in the year I also have 4 major projects I want finished or significantly dented, which is…unlikely. I mean, like two of those books are half-written; two are not written at all. I also have three short stories and some copy edits to do, the sooner the better.

I am therefore declaring a media blackout in September. Unless I’ve written 2K that day I don’t get to watch any television (an intention made easier by the fact that we watched the last 2 episodes of Defiance on Saturday & have not started anything new in the interim). New movies, which are not serials, are permitted, so long as I have achieved my daily wordcount.

I have…a book. That I need to finish reading this week. Otherwise my reading is confined to re-reads if I can even bring myself to do that, because reading new books takes too much commitment. (I may permit myself the exception of Sarah Rees Brennan’s UNMADE, which is out in September and which may be the perfect between-projects quick-read option…)

I’m going to largely try to stay off of social media, save for using Twitter for #1k1h projects. I will be utilising my internet-blocker, Freedom, extensively. In theory this means if I sit down at a computer all I’ll have available to me to do is, y’know. Write.

If it goes well, I will binge-watch s9 Supernatural (if it’s out) or s3 Veronica Mars at the beginning of October, and then make all the fudge in the world. :)

Anyway, so yeah. I should hopefully be mostly offline for the next 30 days, although I have some hope of getting some blog posts scheduled so this isn’t a total barren wasteland.

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  1. Lola Stockmaster says:

    Good luck with your writing. I look forward to hearing how you are doing.

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