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Our gym membership has run out, not that either of us has been using it since I got back from South Carolina. However, as I decided yesterday I really did need more exercise, I got up and went for a rather pleasant walk this morning. On my walk, it struck me that although I’d never actually thought about it, my dad is in fact a veteran. He was drafted into the army, and upon being sent to Germany (eta, upon being questioned on this: er, not for WWII, just being stationed there; he was 5 when WWII ended), opted to leave his rifle behind in Oklahoma, because he didn’t believe killing people was appropriate. (His commanding officer lent him *his* rifle so Dad wouldn’t get dishonorably discharged, and after that, they transferred him to the entertainment division, which suited him a bit better.) This is my family. :)

I had something else I was going to comment on, but it’s escaped me, so I’ll just say that I do not understand why it is my Thinks To Do list never seems to get *shorter*, and go off to work, I guess. :p

– finish WP#5 proposal
– email *more* to FPI
– write Morrigan short story
– read & comment on other short story
– catch up on NNWM (ahahahahah)
– send photo to CI guy
arrange review copies for people

miles to Isengard: 482.5
ytd wordcount: 348,800

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  1. The US Army has an entertainment division? Is that, like, the Army Band?

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