ow, my tummy

I started doing Pilates in November. I think I did the beginning set 3 times before I gave up.

I started doing Pilates again Monday. I’ve done the beginning set twice now. Now I just have to do it again on Friday and then not give up. This workout I’m doing is a very beginners one, with only 8 exercise, but damn, it works. My tummy is all like WHAT. THE. HELL!?! Oogh. o.o

I think Chance #2 is out today.

miles to Dunharrow: 125.5
ytd wordcount: 9600

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  1. I did ten very slow situps (much harder than just banging them out, you know) on Monday at the gym and now I feel like I’ve been punched repeatedly in the gut. Working out is fun!

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