Yay, Annie is eating! She doesn’t eat very much when her people aren’t around, but it seems I’m a good enough substitute. Yay! *happiness*

I have found a totally drool-worthy drawing of Gambit in Gambit #2, which makes the entire series purchase worthwhile, in my warped little mind. :) Although every time I see a new sexy drawing of the Cajun, I want to switch out the main graphic on the page. I’m so lame. :)

I had a small accident this evening. This was similar to a Bookstore Accident, except it was a Comic Shop Accident. Since comics are cheaper than books, it requires fewer of them to have an Accident with.

I was *restrained*! *Really*! I only bought *half* the complete Gambit comic book seires that was available! (I put the other half on hold til next week.) But really! How am I to do a Gambit images site if I don’t have the Gambit comics? It’s not my fault! It was a Sign From Dog!

Speaking of dogs, I should bring Annie for a walk before I go to bed.

Really, there were only 25 issues, and there are about 36 out, so it wasn’t the *whole* series, and I only bought 14 of them today! Um. Right. *big eyes* It’s not my fault. Honest. O.O

went to: yoga

ate: too many cookies

There was an extremely huge debate today about education in America, and I’m not going to go into it, but it made me sit down and write out this idea that I would like very much to do.

I would like to issue a challenge to the government to double the education budget every year for at least eight years.

I would like to see a checks and balances system instated within the education system to make sure the money isn’t all going to administration but is being used to build new schools, hire more teachers at non-insulting salaries, and improve classrooms.

I would like this project to take place over the course of a minimum of a decade, at the end of which I would like a study to take a look at the education system, comparatively.

I would like this to be a grass-roots campaign, a challenge to the government asking them if they’ve got the balls to do it. I would like the people who have expressed frustration over the current education to stand up together and throw the idea in the government’s teeth, and demand that it happen.

I may be forced to become a lobbyist.

Trip is SO COOL! Trip is BEST! Trip sent me Die Upon A Kiss, the next Benjamin January book by Barbara Hambly, in HARDCOVER! *BEAM*! Trip is SO COOL! *BEAM*!!! *happy dance, happy dance*!!!

So my parents have gone off to Ireland with my uncle Packy (lucky bastards all!) and we’re dog-sitting Annie, my parents’ dog. Annie is a sensitive soul, and gets vurry vurry upset when her people leave, so they brought her over early last night so they could pack.

Lucy is very annoyed.

Lucy is, in fact, sitting in a High Spot in the computer room, glaring at the dog. :)

Who doesn’t mind at all. Annie likes cats. :)

The thing about dog-sitting is that the cats like the dog food better than they like the cat food. For Lucy, this isn’t a problem. For Zilli, who is, as his breeder described, “the result of four generations of American inbreeding,” this is more of a problem. He’s delicate. With a capital D. And his wee little bowels get upset when he gets rich or fatty food into his diet.

Like, oh, dog food.

So the dog food is down here in the computer room where I can see it. The cats have been skulking around it all morning. The dog has been ignoring it (she doesn’t eat a lot when her people aren’t here, although I’m one of her people, so hopefully she’ll be okay). I must be Constantly Vigilant, though!

In other news, I am the Master of CSS. Woot! *beam*