Ok, this is sort of fun. When I get hungry, I’m supposed to tell Sarah to eat something, because she’s out of the habit of eating (has been as long as I’ve known her) and she needs to eat to get her metabolism going so she can lose weight, and *my* hunger reflex isn’t broken, so I’m hungry and I’ve sent her to get food to eat. *laugh*

And *I* got an apple instead of a brownie. I’m proud of myself!

How cool! Deirdre, who can do things like this (and this and this and this), is apparently being a model at MacWorld. They’re doing touch-screen drawing classes, and Deirdre is the Woman form. There’s apparently a Man, too, but she’s never met him. :) Modelling for SIXTY THOUSAND PEOPLE!

She said she wore a unitard the first day and it crawled right up her butt. Modelling for SIXTY THOUSAND PEOPLE. Ooop. :)

The thing I hate about paying bills is that when I’m done, there’s no money left. :) However, it seems that my new pay schedule is on opposite weeks from Ted’s, which means there’s money every week, which may make the whole thing seem a little less like lurching horribly from paycheck to paycheck. Hey, I take what I can get. :)

I had a *great* swim tonight. I did about 3200 yards, and I could have done another thousand if there’d been time. Furthermore, I did my last 500 in under 9 minutes, which is hardly competition time, of course, but I noticed in the first fifty of it that I was kind of fucking around, so I scolded myself and put some heart into it, and it was fantastic. If I keep adding 500 yards a day, though, I’m going to have to start swimming in the mornings, when there’s a 2 hour block of time, instead of in the evenings, when there’s only 90 minutes. Or, well, as Ted said, I’ll have to swim faster. :)

*God*, but I love swimming. You get in the zone and it’s like you’re flying. Your muscles are warm and don’t need that pesky oxygen stuff, and every stroke is a great stretch, and it just feels so *good*. My lungs feel all clear and capable and my muscles are a good kind of sore and loose and relaxed all at once, and *yeah*. Why don’t I do this *always*? Mmm, I just feel so good! *wriggle wriggle*! Oh, and I must be imagining it, because, like, only 4 days of exercise, but my cheekbones look have looked thinner to me the last couple of days. *dancie dance*!

swam: 3250 yards

feeling: awesome

Okay, so every afternoon I start going, “Waaaah, I don’t *wanna* go swimming, waaah!” But it’s not really that I don’t want to swim, it’s that I don’t want to get off my lazy ass and get to the pool. It’s not working out that’s hard, it’s getting to the damned gym!

However, this morning I received a *totally* random email from somebody who didn’t know my name or how she’d gotten to my page, but she said she understood the whole love/hate relationship with swimming thing, and told me to keep up the good work, so that’s rather inspirational.

Of course, I still don’t want to get my lazy ass to the pool. :)

But! If I don’t, I will never lose 5 pounds before Jamesing! And, okay, five pounds isn’t really enough to make a difference in my figure before Jamesing, but it’d be a start. And if we do a Legion reading at the end of March, then that’d be 5×3, which would be 15 pounds! And that *would* be enough to make a difference! I hope, anyway. And it’d be a third of the way to my weight loss goal, and my corset! :)

So. Swimming tonight. :)