Some fool has drunk an entire gallon of milk in the last 48 hours. Or most of it, anyway.

I can’t help it! I *like* milk. I looooooooove milk. And I drink *lots* of it. When I went away for college and came back at Christmas break, Mom discovered that by myself, I drank as much milk as the other four people in the house combined. :) She bought twice as much milk while I was home as she had when I wasn’t. :)

Anyway, so we went and bought milk late Wednesday night, and by late last night there was enough left to put on a bowl of cereal. Some fool has a drinking problem!

My stupid back hurts. In the shoulder, not the lower back, but it still hurts. Sigh.

swam: 2000 yards

rode: 2 miles

lifted: upper & lower body weights

UAA’s machine weights are really awful. :P

My father keeps misdialing my phone number. Apparently at 345-2112 there is someone who sounds a great deal like me.

Dad called me up, then accidentally called this other woman up, then called me up again. He said to me, in a silly voice, “Is this the person to whom I am speaking?” and I denied it, and he said, still in the silly voice, “I just called that other woman and asked her that same question. She said she didn’t know.” Dad said, “Well, perhaps I will call someone else, and see if they know,” and she said, “Okay…”

The poor, poor woman. *laugh*

Once, I accepted a collect call on Mother’s Day from somebody else’s mother, because Dad was in Seattle and someone called up and said there was a collect call from Mom (my mom was at home) and I figured it was just Dad being silly. The woman on the other end was very confused. :)

Then there was the time that Dad was supposed to pick Deirdre and me up from the movies, and he was VERY late, and FINALLY he showed up, and he said, “Well, it was such a nice evening that I thought I’d ride my bike to come pick you up, and it wasn’t until I got two blocks from the movie theatre that I realized that wouldn’t work!”

Deirdre and I said, “DAAAAAD,” in disgust, but it never occurred to us not to believe him. However, it turned out he’d actually gotten caught up in watching some tv show, and he simply left the house late. :)

My father is very very silly. :)

Of course, it’s my Mom who claims not to be silly and who one cold day in Kenai went walking into the bank all stiff-legged and wobbling back and forth from one leg to the other as she walked, because she was pretending her knees were frozen stiff, and it wasn’t until she got up to the teller who looked at her very peculiarly that it occurred to her that perhaps that was a *little* strange. *helpless giggles*

And a couple of days ago I was putting something on the mantle in the living room, and I turned around and caught Ted doing a silly little dance for absolutely no reason at all. He was very chagrined to have been caught. *more laughter* I have such a *great* family. *laugh* *laugh*

One time Deirdre and I were horsing around, and I gave her a big old hug and we fell over against the wall, in such a fashion that our entire body weights were resting on Deirdre’s elbow, against the wall, but we were overbalanced in such a way that we simply couldn’t get *out* of the position. We looked like a couple of drunks hanging on to each other and the wall for balance. Dad had to tilt us back into stability. *more giggles*

This seems to be one of those entries where Ted said, “If you don’t have anything to say, post that you don’t have anything to say!”

I don’t think I have anything to say. :)

Well, no, not true! We launched the revision of Blueprint for Health last night, which isn’t going to mean a damned thing to anybody but me, but it’s the culmination of 3 months of work and the first assigned project to my new employee, so I’m very happy with it! Hooray!

Despite whinging briefly, I went swimming tonight, and had a very, very excellent swim. My jaw is still achy, but it wasn’t an issue in swimming as I thought it might be.

swam: 3800 yards

music: Billy Joel, Greatest Hits V.3