Strawberry jam all over the cat! Now why would the kids do something like that?

Well, the cable modem went down, and so I went upstairs and made strawberry jam, and, well, we’ll see if it turns out. The good news is that the 3 jars that were actually full sealed properly. The fourth one, which wasn’t quite full, didn’t, but that’s pretty much to be expected. Now, well, we wait 12 hours and see if it set up! *hopehopehope*!


Well, my 9am meeting for which I purposefully got up early has been cancelled. However, this means I can bail from work before 4, since I got to work before 8, and this means I should have time to make a batch of jam before swimming, and I should ALSO have time to make a batch of jam AFTER swimming. There wil be ALL the jam!

Trip is so cool! Jessica, of whom I speak in the next entry, was looking for a series of books which I hadn’t read, but I gave her one-line summary on Too, and Trip said, “Um, the Crossroads books by Nick O’Donohoe?” and I emailed her with the titles and lo! Those were indeed the books she wanted! Trip is so cool!

My net crapped out on Friday and more or less stayed crapped out through the weekend, so it’s been a very slow weekend for updates. :)

Friday, while my net was hanging in the wind, I sort of wandered around and looked for something to read. Now, with the 40 or something new books that I acquired over Christmas, you would think that this wouldn’t be difficult to accomplish. I mean, forty books, right?

So of course I ended up re-reading the Mordant’s Need books, because I wanted something old and familiar and good. And that was very satisfying, actually. Then I did read a new book, but the re-read was a definite plus in my world.

I have no recollection of doing anything else on Friday. It actually took two days to read the Donaldson books, but nevermind that. On Saturday, I got up and went swimming at 10, so that was a good thing, and then we went over to Eric and Jessica’s to make up characters for the home-grown game that Eric’s designed.

It’s too bad for Eric that he hadn’t gotten as far as looking at Champions before he designed his game, because he has home-grown Champions. I mean, it’s really unquestionably Champions. In a fantasy-world setting with all sorts of races he made up himself. I’m playing a Fkorshon, or something like that, which is a shapechanging shark person. My character is 8’3″ and weighs 572 pounds in human form, and 14 feet long and 1150 pounds or something like that in shark form.

Fkorshon are very philosophical and thoughtful peoples. They can afford to be; they’re the top of the food chain. They tend to get hired as mediators and ambassadors. They can shapechange any part of their body to any degree between human (elvish, really, Eric says) and shark, and they like to eat seafood. :)

My character is a con artist with a ‘gift magic’ of domination. :) Her name is Rekka (in honor of my long-dead Go-Back; besides, ‘Rekka’ sounds like a nicely toothy name that a shark would have) and she’s apparently also a compulsive gambler: I won 2 of the other characters in a bet, and owe the 3rd one’s master $20K from a bet I lost. I think this should be pretty entertaining.

EIGHT FEET TALL! Oh, and she’s covered with tattoos. Sharks have no hair, y’know? Rekka thinks tattoos are very interesting. :)

Anyway, that took up several hours of Saturday, so I didn’t finish reading A Man Rides Through until 1:30 in the morning, and then I slept in too late and didn’t swim yesterday morning, which would’ve been okay except I thought the afternoon swim was from 4:30-5:30 and it was actually from 4-5, so I didn’t get to swim at all yesterday. :(

I did, however, make a shepherd’s pie and brownies and get everything ready to make jam. I’d been going to make some jam, too, but my tummy got blorty and I went to bed very early instead. And now I have net, but I can’t dial in to work, which could be a problem. :/