8:30pm: the phone rings.

Deirdre: I’m thinking of spontaneously gong to the 9:30 showing of Avengers! Wanna go?

Me: that’s a terrible idea! It’s 2.5 hours long! It has 25 minutes of commercials! You have to stay through ALL the credits! I’ll meet you there!

Deirdre: *peals of laughter*

The movie begins. Doctor Strange comes on screen.

Deirdre (whispered): Who’s that?
Me: Doctor Strange. He’s the magical protector of Earth.
Deirdre: ‘k

Spider-Man comes on screen.

Deirdre: Who’s that?
Me: Spider-Man!
Deirdre, who has apparently seen neither Civil War nor Homecoming: what?!?!

Vision & Wanda come on.

Deirdre: Who’re they?
Me: it’s a good thing i came to this with you, isn’t it?

Cap comes on screen.

Deirdre, her voice dropping two octaves even in a whisper: WHO. IS. THAT.
Me: that’s Captain America (implied: you weirdo!)
Deirdre: i think i need to marry him
Me: same, babe. same.

Nat comes on screen.

Deirdre: who’s that?
me: black widow!
deirdre: why did they make everybody look so DIFFERENT in this movie? (pause, just long enough to be funny) especially spider-man!?!?

Halfway thru the movie:
Deirdre: i have to pee. is it safe for me to leave?
Deirdre: *waits, reacts correctly, is allowed to go use the toilet*

The movie ends.

Deirdre, in the silence as the credits begin to roll: What the *fuck*!
Me: well i did THIS TIME

We had a brilliant time. She spent half the movie elbowing me at every funny line as we both roared with laughter. It’s been a really long time since I’ve gone to a show with somebody who laughs as much, and as loudly, as I do. And Infinity War is a really funny movie, full of fast-paced quips, so there was a LOT of laughing. It was wonderful.

I’m PRETTY SURE the last time Deirdre and I went to a movie together was when we were around 15 and 18, a beautiful day in which, infamously, our father came to pick us up from the movie, but was very, very late in arriving.

“Did you forget about us?” we asked, amused.

“No,” said Dad. “It was such a beautiful evening I decided I’d ride my bike down to get you, and I was almost here when I realized why that wouldn’t work.”

Deirdre and I simultaneously said, “*DAAAAAAAAAAAAD*!” in absolute exasperation, and Dad BURST into laughter, because he had not, in fact, ridden his bike to get us (he’d been watching a movie about a woman who gets a brain transplant, or something, and it was so awful he couldn’t stop), but he was so very pleased that we had not even for one instant doubted that he would do something like that.

I made a list of three house things and three writing things I needed to do today, and then went and bought and assembled a cat tree, which was on neither of those lists. We hope the cat will use it. Mostly to pop her claws on (it’s got a great wide tall popping board, which was specifically why I got it: she has no use for small cat trees).

After that I thought I wouldn’t get anything done, but I finally dragged myself up to the bedroom, changed the sheets, and emptied two boxes like I put on my list. Of course, that mostly means I have two boxes worth of clothes on the floor, but they’re sorted into “keep these” and “if you’re ever thin enough to fit these again you can buy new ones”, the latter of which are going to a charity shop. :p

Then I slogged into the office and emptied another couple boxes, more or less cleared off my desk, hooked the computer up, got the Captain’s Chair in working order, and spent some time wondering if I really care enough about all the Rogue and Gambit figurines anymore to even bother, particularly since I have less space to bother in, now.

Judging from the contents of my office, you would think art and photographer were more important to me than my application of interest in them actually indicates. And also possibly sewing. I CAN DREAM, DAMMIT.

As a bonus I remembered I had to, and therefore did, cook dinner. Did I mention that having had Ted as the house spouse for the past 18 months allowed me to forget how much I don’t like having to cook? I don’t even think I dislike *cooking*, on reflection, but I really dislike *having* to cook. Anyway, I made a nice chicken pot pie which only got on the table about 15 minutes late, mostly because I forgot to boil the carrots and potatoes. @.@

I was pretty sure, at that point, that I would not get the work-based things I needed to do done, but I actually did. I mean, none of it’s going fast enough and I should have done it all earlier in the day but gah, at least I did it.

I might go sleep now. I’ve been mostly going to bed at pretty sensible hours, and I’m wrecked anyway, and I can’t imagine how much worse shape I’d be in if I wasn’t making an effort to get enough sleep.

We’ve Finished Moving & Now I Will Focus On Fitness & Friendships: the (perennial) Catie Murphy Story

Step 1: I have to cook now bc Ted has a job again (*quiet,distant sobbing*), so I’ll follow in his footsteps over the past 8 months & do lots of vegetarian cooking

Step 2: Open His Cookbooks

Step 3: *sobbing intensifies*

Step 4: Wail to Ted that there are TOO MANY INGREDIENTS

Step 5: Wait for him to stop laughing bc it’s so true

Step 6: google ‘lazy vegetarian recipes’

Step 7: sob more

Step 8: plan to write a The Lazy Vegetarian cookbook bc these motherforkers don’t get what i mean by ‘lazy’

Step 9: put air in the bike tires bc fork taking the bus gets expensive fast & also irritatingly i never seem to reach the weekly cap until Sunday afternoon which is just like almost useless, amirite?

Step 10: get introductory month pass to the nearest yoga studio & try classes

Step 11: try to actually use it

Step 12: while also counting calories

Step 13: remember that part of this deal is to try to be sociable too

Step 14: cry some more

Anyway so today shopping for food to make nice meals took so much out of me I bunted and made tuna noodle casserole, which uses up my tuna noodle casserole slot for the month, which is unfortunate, since it’s only the first of the month. :}

Anyway, god, IDK, it’s been a horrifyingly long month, April I mean, and…my GOD has a lot happened, and I need to finish unpacking the office and the library, waugh, and I’m country miles behind on every project and they’ve all undergone a major shift due to Stuff, and just…

Yeah, anyway, so I need to go to bed now because otherwise I’ll stay up all night flailing over what I need to do, and being even more fatigued will not help matters at all. :p

Things have not gone particularly right today.

Bank would not allow a standing order of sufficient magnitude to be set up online to pay rent. Went to bank.

Ran into friend on the way. Lovely to see her! 20 minute delay on way to bank.

Cannot set up standing order at bank kiosk either. Eyed customer service. Concluded they were the wrong people to talk to. Went to cashier.

Stood in line several minutes for cashier. Turns out I should have gone to customer service. Customer service helps me. STILL cannot set up standing order of sufficient magnitude, but once it goes thru (3-5 business days for God’s sake) I can AMEND it to correct amount.

Decide I had better go straight to old house to do final walkthrough w/letting agent.

Realize I have forgotten old house key. Return home to get it.

Leave again to catch train.

Get message from Ted that main train station is closed due to security alert.

Cannot get to secondary train station in time. Run for the bus.

Miss the bus by seconds. Next one gets me there 10 minutes late, never mind transit time from bus station to old house. Also I have no cash to pay a taxi driver, which will delay me even more once I get there. Altho it didn’t, bc I basically had the driver drop me off at the cash machine, paid him, and walked the remaining 300 meters.


Furthermore, Bus Eireann buses nauseate me, so I sat very quietly with my eyes closed breathing deeply, but at least I listened to Jim Byrnes’ latest album, which I’ve had for months but haven’t listened to because I’m really bad about listening to music.

Arrived at the house at 4:30. Estate agent was new, had never seen the place before. Was satisfied with the cleanliness of the house (even if my mother’s ghost is staring at me in disapproval). Estate agent was agog at the need of modernisation in the house. Even more agog at the ENORMOUS SETTLEMENT CRACKS in the walls, ceilings, corners…

He had no idea what they plan to do with the place, but said all he needed was the keys and we’d be good to go. I handed him the keys, walked out, and Reader, I did not look back.

So Monday night (we have no internet access and won’t for another week, if we’re lucky; if we’re not lucky, it’ll be longer) I set forth to Make Dinner in the new house.

Except the stove wouldn’t work. Which was to say, it was obviously turning on and stuff, but not heating up. And that was how we discovered induction cook tops require pots with a certain iron content, which ours lacked.

Tuesday, Indy and I marched all over hell and breakfast looking at induction-compatible cookware, much of which was Shockingly Expensive, and finally (after asking Ted if I should go ahead or if he wanted to weigh in on the New Cookware; he said, “Get what you want. I’m a professional chef. I can make do.” :)) we got new pots and a small frying pan, because if I waited for Ted’s opinion I wouldn’t be able to cook until at least the weekend. @.@

SO THAT WAS AN EXCITING AND UNEXPECTED MOVING EXPENSE, so I shall mention here the fast & loose fundraiser I’m doing to cover expenses that have spiraled unexpectedly: donors at any amount will get a fairy tale novel set in the same world as ROSES IN AMBER. Eventually. :)

We moved the first half of our stuff a week ago. It feels like we’ve been unpacking For.Ev.Er. I am done with it. TOTALLY DONE. Unfortunately, we still have I don’t even know how many boxes left AT THE OLD HOUSE and I don’t know, well over 70 at the new house to unpack. I don’t know where to put it all. I don’t know where we’d put it all at the old house!

First we will deal with what’s in the house. There are, IDK, 20 boxes IN OUR ROOM. (They’re kind of small boxes, all things considered, but still.) We have to deal with those, which will almost certainly not happen until next weekend, except that’s Indy’s birthday weekend, so possibly not even really then. A lot of it may get donated to charity, because a lot of it is (*sigh*) Clothes That Don’t Fit. But it still needs to be Gone Through.

(I am at the old house now, cleaning. It’s not as bad as it could have been, mostly because Dad came out and helped. Otherwise I would be here until the end of time.)