day two books!

Yes, well, things have not proceeded apace.

I’ve had a cold for the last three weeks straight. Or, more accurately, I’ve had two, possibly three, colds, for the last three weeks straight. It is very tiring and I am very done with it, except for the part where I’m still sick and therefore not done with it at all. :p Ted’s had a cold about 2/3rds of that time himself, so we’ve been having a lot of fun! :p

Due to general malaise, we decided not to have our big American Thanksgiving this year, and just had the family over. What I learned from that was it’s not actually noticeably harder to cook Thanksgiving dinner for 40 people than it is for 7, because we made all the stuff anyway, just in not quite (quite) as large quantities. Still, given our levels of exhaustion, we were just as happy to have not thrown a big shindig.

Writing got put entirely on hold between an attempt at holiday shopping on Friday, where I discovered that Black Friday has well and truly settled in here and yet I failed to find anything I was hoping to get, Thanksgiving, and having to get a new book ready for launch early next week. There will be teaser chapters and cover reveals soon! But there haven’t been any new words. And I still have to get Project Two edited and out to my Patreon backers before the end of the month, which…well, I can do it today, I hope, and manage to spend Wednesday and Thursday at least reaching NNWM wordcount goals, if not reaching my own personal goal for the month. Because not even I can write 45K in two days.

On a more positive note, I had a laptop crash the other day and although I got it back up and running, in the midst of it I said “I wish I could get a new Surface Pro” AND SOMEONE BOUGHT ME A NEW SURFACE PRO, so I’m…just…staggered…!!! Moreover, then a friend’s laptop really did crash for good and forever, and I now have my *old* one that I can pass on to *them*, so…I actually started crying, not gonna lie. I was so grateful to be given such a generous gift, and SO GRATEFUL to suddenly be in a position where I could help somebody else, and just…yeah. Wow. *sniffle*

Aside from that, I’ve still got my DuoLingo streak going, although I’m not likely to get through all of the Spanish course before January. I keep having to go back and strengthen my words. :) But I may well take a real life Spanish class after the holidays, because I think that might be fun.


lazy lion at dublin zoo

I’m supposed to be at 45K on Project One for November. I’m at 29K and have to revise again, but after two days of grim effort I may actually have a plot now, which should help. :P Technically I guess I still really only need 4K a day to make goal by the end of the month, but IDK if I’ll get there.

I haven’t gone back to Project Two yet. Project Three is underway in terms of layout. Waiting on the cover art for it, which is going to be AMAZING and I can’t wait to show it to you. (You all wanted a new CE Murphy book for the holidays, right?) I haven’t gotten any farther on Project Four, either, although I should do a bit more of it tonight, maybe. It’s kind of fun. Realistically I’m not going to get to Project Five this month, but that’s okay. REDEEMER, having been assigned Project number Six, will get delivered instead, and that’s…yeah. Very important.

Meanwhile I still have a cold, or, I think, have a second one that landed right on top of the first, so in many ways the fact that I’m doing anything at all is admirable. I’ve even gone to the gym twice this week, although in both cases I did my “lie on the floor” workout, which I could obviously do at home but don’t. I guess the important part about going to the gym is there’s nothing else to do there but exercise, and also one vaguely supposes people might eye you, if you just lie on the floor for twenty minutes without moving. (I don’t actually think they do. I don’t think most people pay much attention to what other people are doing at the gym. But one might be able to use the idea of it for motivation.)

The “lie on the floor” workout is actually a fairly decent little Pilates For People Who Aren’t Fit Enough To Do Beginner Pilates (aka Pilates For Weenies) that I’ve worked up. If I had any kind of video editing skills I might try to do a video of it for people, although that supposes anybody would want to use a tubby lady’s workout video instead of a slim fit lady’s workout video. (IDK, sometimes I think that’d be less depressing. Although I also suppose there are probably *many* exercise videos out there featuring women who are not slim and fit. I just haven’t looked for them.) Anyway. I’m tired.

I love STAR TREK: DISCOVERY and am howling in agony over there being a mid-season break. It’s on Netflix! I’m not supposed to have to WAIT for it! I also love THE GIFTED, although I’ve only seen the first 3 episodes, I think. But it hit the ground running, and it has *BLINK*! And she’s PERFECT! *flails*! And I continue to love SUPERGIRL and I wish I was writing LEGENDS OF TOMORROW because I feel I could navigate the border between absurd and stupid better than they’re doing. It’s amazing how unimpressed I am with the bad guy featured thus far on THE FLASH, but I will be here until the end for Michael Emerson as !EvilFinch on ARROW because OMG!EVILFINCH. And I just started watching THE GOOD PLACE, which I have it on good authority will eventually be an incandescent spot in my life but which is so far merely cute and amusing.

That was a lot of TV to report on. IDK what else I’ve got, in the general life department. I’m terrible at meditating. I read Carol Berg’s DUST & LIGHT / ASH & SILVER duology and they were amazing. Book two made me clutch my heart and gasp out loud in horror. It was very dramatic. :) I’ve got a GGK book that’s been on the shelf forever as my next should-read, but I always fall into a pit of despair when I read him because I can’t do what he does and so I try not to read his books while I’m actively writing (which is why I’m so far behind, sigh). Oh, and I picked up a SF thing that looked appealing and about 95% of it is, but it’s written in a deliberately noir way (which was part of the appeal) up to and including really kind of painful sexism, which I suspect is purposeful because it’s So Noir, but it’s also…I stopped reading it a few days ago and I don’t really think I’m going to pick it up again, so. *sigh*

Anyway, time to study Irish now. (It’s going very badly indeed. :))

day two books!

Yesterday involved the sort of chaos that sometimes erupts when one has a small child, and I was too tired to do my words. It has not, however, thrown me hopelessly off track, mostly because I’ve already finished Project Two, and getting it done was kind of the bit that Not Missing A Day was critical for.

Besides, I’d had to concede on Friday that I’d screwed up Project One and had to go back and delete 7,000 words, so I was off count anyway. I fixed P1 and have recovered the wordcount, so I’m up to about 25K on it (again). If I can do 4K a day on it I’ll stay on target for the end of the month, and that…is probably possible.

In the meantime, let’s see. This week I need to go over the last proof of REDEEMER, which doesn’t even have a Project Number because it’s not technically supposed to be part of the November Projects. I suppose that would make it Project Six. I need to go over Project Two and fix the NOTES and deliver it to my Patreon people, and I need to go over Project Three one more time before prepping it for the newsletter people & beyond.

Research for Project Four is underway. I could do that and a few words on Project Five on any given day, except I don’t think I really know how to *start* Project Five, so…I’m not thinking too much about it right now, really. Which is fine. I have sort of enough on my plate right now. @.@

day two books!

I’ve managed at least NNWM wordcount on Project 1 for 7/8 days, putting my overall wordcount for the month around…29.5K, and done the first pass of revisions on Project 3.

Tomorrow I theoretically start Project 4, although in practice I might put the shoulder to the grindstone for a couple days with P1, and do some research for P4.

In the meantime, I have tried three times this week to go to the gym. The first two days I missed the bus, which was running unusually early. Today I hustled my ass down to the bus stop and the bus was, of course, TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES LATE. By the time I got to the gym, I was too cold and too entropic to actually exercise, and only had about 20 minutes to do so, too, so I didn’t bother.

I may have to start walking my bike to school with Indy in the morning and cycling from there to the gym. The bus is so unreliable and it’s very frustrating. And catching it, on a day that works out perfectly, is only…very slightly…faster than cycling would be. And of course most days do not work out perfectly. :p

Walking the bike, though, introduces a host of other problems, none of which I am asking for solutions for, namely that Indy will want HIS bike, or to try to ride mine, or…I’m sure there are many other variations I’m not insightful enough to think of. but I know that if I just bring him and come back home to get the bike I’ll never actually get the bike and go to the gym, I’ll just come in and get started on work/showering/breakfast/etc. *sigh*

Yesterday I went to a local writer’s group of very nice people. We did a free write. Here’s my bit from it (the prompt was ‘the way she looked’):

The way she looked said she’d seen it all before, and hadn’t been impressed the first time. That was the price of immortality without childish wonder to balance it: living forever became unbearable, if all one wanted to see in it was the tedium of repeated notes. He preferred being astonished time and again at the variety of ways those notes could be played, but she stood to the side, cool and aloof in a way that could be mistaken for beauty. He could hardly be mistaken for beautiful himself–there were too many lines and creases in his face, too much age carried in sloped shoulders and watery eyes…but perhaps that was why she was jaded, and he was not. He had been old already when the curse hit him, and no one cared to impress him. She had been young, and for three hundred years, eager fools had been trying to bring a smile to her face with old tricks.

They’d have been better off trying with him. He laughed every time.

And last of all, I’ve come down with a cold, so I’m a grumpy-butt. Oh, but the elections in America have heartened me, so that’s something. :)

cover for Heart of Stone

So far I’ve written about 22k in November. I’ve been working on two projects, one of which is codenamed Project One, which I’m now 16K into, and the other of which, Project Two, which is KISS OF ANGELS and I have JUST FINISHED IT and I’m extremely pleased about that. It does what I’ve said it would all along, which is sets up the Old Races world for more full-length novels should I ever be moved to write them.

I’m quite sure that when people read it, they’re going to kill me if I don’t write more.

It’ll be out to the general public sometime next year, but if you want to read it (and various other bits and bobs as I manage to write them) early, it’ll be up on my Patreon later this month.

Anyway, I’ve been aiming for 3K/double NNWM count on Project One in the mornings and for NNWM count (1700 words) on KISS OF ANGELS in the afternoon. It’s been working pretty well, although as I told Ted, if I miss even one day the whole thing will fall apart.

“You’d better not miss a day, then,” Ted said, and yep, that’s exactly how it is, all right. :)

Anyway, with KoA done I’m on to Project 3, which is revising a middle grade novel that I’ll be self-publishing VERY SOON NOW. It’s pretty solid, and revisions should only take a few days, so watch this space for more news on that front.

Tonight, however, I’m going to read more of Carol Berg’s amazing ASH & LIGHT (i literally gasped out loud in horror at the end of chapter 18) and watch some TV and go to bed early so I can do all this nonsense again tomorrow.