a quoteable morning

It’s been a pretty quoteable morning around here. First my son and I were playing superheroes and he said to me, “Who is in that Iron Man armor?”

I said, “Tony Stark, and he, quite reasonably, wanted to know who Tony Stark was. I said, “A philanthropist playboy billionaire genius.”

Young Indiana said, “Like me?”

Just like you, honey. Just like you. <3 :) Then over on Twitter, Alastair Reynolds (‏@AquilaRift), whom I like a lot as both a writer and a person, said, for some reason, that he won a coloring competition once. I said so did I!

Al: “Our “not going over the lines” skills are strong.”

Me: I’m not sure people who grow up to write SFF are actually that good about staying in the lines… :)

Al: How dare you constrain me with your genre boundaries, colouring-in competition setter person!

At that point I burst out laughing, because Al is just awesome, and said, “okay FINE i don’t think people who grow up to be ARTISTS are all that good at staying in the lines SHEESH *laughs*”, which he favourited. *laughs more* :)

I actually have this political blog post I want to write up, except I am eyeball deep in writing STONE’S THROE and don’t even realistically expect to respond to the comments on the first GGK Book Club/SUMMER TREE post (which are splendid and thoughtful and totally worth responding to!) until after the rough draft of the book is done. I’ve done 20.5K since the start of the year, which is practically more writing than I did in the entirety of last year, and I’ve got (assuming it doesn’t spiral out of control) about 12-15K to go.

Um. Yes. I failed to watch the first episode of Beauty and the Beast last night, but I’ll make up for it next Wednesday and watch two so I’m caught up with Steve Aryan, and if anybody else wants to watch/discuss along with us, well, that’s where we’re at with that. :)

I did watch a little more s8 SPN, for which I will make a couple of spoilery comments behind the cut:

See, the basic problem with s8 is that it’s exactly like s6 except it’s Dean who was gone for a year instead of Sam (and Dean’s a hypocrite for lambasting Sam for not looking for him, when Dean also went and found a girl during his year off), but the *best* thing about s8 is that instead of Grandpa Skinner we instead have Benny the Louisiana Vampire. I love Benny, and I really like his relationship with Dean (and, for that matter, how nostril-flarey Sam gets about it). Last night’s episode was the one where Benny has apparently gone off the rails and started killing people, so the boys and, er, some previously introduced crazy Hunter called Martin who has been brought back for this episode, go Benny-hunting. Dean’s trying to save him, Sam and Martin aren’t. Benny’s not the vamp killing people, but Martin, in trying to draw Benny out after the real bad guy vamp has been killed, goes after Benny’s human great-granddaughter…which is so amazingly stupid that I cannot help but fundamentally believe that Crazy Martin was in fact committing Suicide By Vampire. I have no idea if this is the going theory, but seriously, I know the character is supposed to be crazy, but that went way beyond crazy and well into deliberately trying to get himself killed. So I’m actually pretty interested in finding out how that plays out, although it’s too bad it took like 9 episodes to start getting interesting. Also, they really need to take some lessons from Arrow on how to do flashbacks.

Also: Trapper! That was a silly episode, but Trapper! <3 :)

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  1. I love Benny, he made that series for me. And after being bored by series 6, and giving up and not watching series 7, it was over the shoulder watching that got me back into the show with series 8. Also, if you’ve not seen it yet, my favourite episode involves a really, really, really big bloke and a library. I won’t say anymore. :)

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