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So disappointed. The weather report promised fog today and I was hoping to go over to Glasnevin cemetery to take pictures, but no, it’s lashing rain. Maybe we’ll go to the last day of baby group instead. Bah.

Did pilates yesterday morning. So out of shape I was sore by mid-afternoon, instead of it taking until this morning like decent soreness would.

Finished the Daisani short story, “Betrayals”, for AFTERMATH! Daisani, apparently to no one’s surprise, is a real rat bastard. I love him. :) Now I’ve got one more to write for that collection. Votes are currently weighing in most heavily for a Cameron & Cole (the roommates) POV story, with runners-up asking for a story about the post-trilogy selkies.

(Also requested:
-a story about Margrit’s mother, which you can get in BABA YAGA’S DAUGHTER,
– votes for stories about Chelsea (which, if you’re looking for her backstory, will never, ever happen),
– Grace (whose story will get told, possibly through another crowdfund, because it’s at least novella-length…),
– and “something about the half-breeds”, which will be part of AFTERMATH already. Hah! Now you can’t wait for it, right? :)).

So place your preferences, folks: roommates or selkies?

Singing bouncing toddler now, so I’d best go get him out of bed. :)

Sorry for all the lists. I’m just totally dropping the ball without them. :p

– put bike and grill on jumbletown
– pcon website
– get a skip
– plane tickets
– make an CSOR banner ad (not immediately, just soon)
– put away baby clothes
email betsy
embarrass ursula
get HCW out to KS patrons

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  1. Joyce M. says:

    I have two sons that are now in their 30’s. The oldest would wake up and cry for the usual reasons – hungry, wet etc. Now he is a great person but has no patience. The younger one would wake up and talk to himself and be in no hurry to get up. He now has the gift of gab and can talk to anyone and everyone.

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