Reader Question Round-Up

I got a bunch of short-answer (not essay!) questions from readers recently, so I’m going to do a hit-and-run with some of them!

Pamela asks Will we get more Negotiator series books?

There’s a faint possibility that in the looooong term the answer to this is yes, but for all intents and purposes, no. :)

Deborah asks Of all your books, do you have a favorite character?

Yes. :)

Kathy asks: Now that Walker Papers is wrapped up, what’s next? Will you continue in the same genre or branch out into something new?


Something totally entirely wildly new and different, in fact. I’m halfway through writing a Regency romance! *laughs* I’m having a stupendously good time with it, actually, and despite the fact that it’s way out of my usual genre, I honestly can’t imagine anybody who reads my stuff in general not enjoying it. This is the quick-paced comedy of manners sort of Regency, not dark angstful romance, and I really am just having a terrific time writing it. It makes me giggle. :)

The market is interesting for short Regencies right now, so I don’t know yet how it’ll reach the masses, but sometime in the relatively near future it’ll be out there in the world and I really rather ridiculously hope my regular readers will give it a chance. :)

I have something fantasy-based in the works, too, but it’s nowhere near far enough along to talk about yet. :)