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Inspired, in the extreme, by Chrisber’s 9th grade librarian, who made him keep a reading list that year, and in the more immediate by Trip, whose page I actually got the idea from, I began, in April 1998, to keep a list of the books I read.
Reading List, 1998-2008
Reading List, 2009-2018

  • 2019
    • GABRIEL’S ROAD, Laura Anne Gilman
    • THE IMMORTAL PRINCE, Jennifer Fallon
    • CONSPIRACY OF RAVENS, Moore, Reppion, Thompson
    • SWORDHEART, T. Kingfisher
    • THORNBOUND, Stephanie Burgis
    • SPELLSWEPT, Stephanie Burgis
    • ALL SYSTEMS RED, Martha Wells
    • ONCE GHOSTED, TWICE SHY, Alyssa Cole
    • SNOWSPELLED, Stephanie Burgis
    • A DUKE BY DEFAULT, Alyssa Cole
    • DIGGER, Ursula Vernon (re-read)


  1. Wow, that an accomplishment/feat. I’ve kept reading lists but never exclusively or continuously. I think I’m going to have to start again now. I’ve been reading up on book journals (in which you write down the book you read, the date, and your thoughts) and really liked the idea. It would be interesting to look back 5-10 years and see what you’ve read and what your thoughts where on it.

    I hope your lists grows a hundredfold and that you maintain it until you are at least 80!

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