speaking of baking :)

I stopped at the butcher’s yesterday to get a batch of 18 small eggs, and yer man there said to me, “You know we’ve 20 large ones too?” I allowed as how I did know that, but I preferred the smaller ones for baking. He said, “Oh, do ye bake a lot, do ye?” And I allowed as how I did.

“Maybe you’ll make us a cake sometime!” said he.

“Sure,” I said. “I always like an excuse to bake for someone else. Any kind in particular?”

“Oh no,” says he, wide-eyed, “anything with cake in it is fine. Do ye hear her,” he said to yer man working with him, “she says she’ll bake us a cake!”

“I hear her!” said yer ather wan, and they both look greatly amused.

They’re going to be *very* surprised when I bring them a cake next week, I bet. :)

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  1. So what kind of cake are you going to bake? Make sure to post a reaction picture. ;-)

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