stats, 10/8

Target points: 22
Points used: 38.5
Activity points earned/swapped: 3/3
WPA used/remaining: 13.5/21.5

I’ve rounded up considerably on my numbers here, because I’d rather do that than be way low. WW says pretty consistently that meat lasagna is a 6 point food; I put it down at 8, because Ted uses an awful lot of cheese in his. Lemon cake: 6pts, but I donno if that’s frosted or not, so I added more points; I probably only had a half cup of ice cream, but I rounded well up, just in case. Etc, etc, etc. So I probably ate between 34-40 points yesterday (which is still something like 2200 calories at the most, so not actually that bad at all). Today there’s still cake in the house, despite some of my efforts to get rid of it, and I don’t resist temptation well, so today’s probably going to be a fairly high points day too (especially since we’re likely having leftover lasagna for dinner), but if I do a good job sticking with it the rest of the week (which I did Thursday and Friday, anyway), I should come out unscathed this week.

I *have* already rid myself of the extra pounds I was seeing after the last couple weeks, so probably some of that wasn’t real weight, but it’s nice anyway.

4 weeks til I leave for Ireland. I’m not really going to weigh 150 when I leave, but I’m aiming for it anyway. :)


  1. Just the progress you’ve made so far is amazing. Keep up the good work! *hugs*

  2. Four weeks! You’re so calm! I was freaking out four weeks before Massachusetts, and that was “in country”! You’re amazing!

    Congrats on finding the perfect lemon cake recipe. That sounds awesome!

  3. You’re amazing!

    No, I just don’t believe it. :)

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