I’d intended to make this yesterday, but after going forth to get necessary ingredients and being forced to face down the ungodly crush of people milling about because of the upcoming hurly match, all I wanted to do was hide at home and sob. So Young Indiana and I made this today: a Butter Sponge […]

Well, I had to do something with the 9 (NINE!) egg yolks left over from the angel food doughnut, so I made some homemade chocolate pudding. It didn’t set up very well (as Ted said, “The thing with pudding is you follow the recipe plus or minus ten minutes of cooking…” and I had been […]

I have this wonderful, 70 year old basic cookbook called Meta Given’s Modern Encyclopedia of Cooking. My grandmother had it, my mother inherited it, and years ago Mom went forth on the internet and single-handedly drove the price of the 2-volume set up from about $12 per book to $70+ per book, because she bought […]

I dropped by the butchers today to ask if they’d liked the cake. They had; yer man who’d asked for it said it had been devoured and they’d all but eaten the tin. Fighting each other off, they were, he said, and he said to the fellow who was getting me my order, “This is […]

Dear Persons Who Have Been Following The Cake Saga And Want To Know When I Will Make You One: Come to Eurocon 2014 in Dublin and I will. August 22-24, the weekend after London’s Worldcon. Seriously, you cannot possibly get a better deal than this: 10 days of fandom, PLUS CAKE. Love, Me