Song Thrush at Sunrise

Look! Look! I’m remembering to post a Friday Photo! Very late, but we’ll take what we can get. :) It turns out I really enjoy taking pictures of birds, although I’m not very good at it and get decent shots through luck more than skill. This one, f’rex, is pretty but a microcosmically small percentage […]

I would like to thank Stephen Amell and the dude in the tinfoil hat for making this happen. #laughs People around here are healing. Ted braved work today and Young Indiana went to school. I wrote 3000 words, which was kind of unexpected. I’ll actually have new MAGIC & MANNERS chapters to post for people […]

Jonathan Livingston, I Presume

Apparently in my efficiency I uploaded all the files for this week’s Kitsnaps and then forgot to make posts for them. I was sitting here poking at my website going “wait, where’s the picture…” Nice girl. Not too bright, but a nice girl. :)


Not really a great picture of his mantle, but I like the colors of this, and I love greymantle crows. He was watching a bunch of flamingos at the zoo. :)


I thought I’d set this to post automagically a few hours ago. I guess not. Sploosh! I wish I’d caught it a half-second earlier so its head was only partly submerged, but, well, I didn’t. :)