Grumpy Gull

Grumpy gull challenges you to give him a reason to be happy on Wednesday needs to go back to bed (as Silkie pointed out :)).

Crow Brings Daylight

A long time ago, it was always night. Only Crow, who flew far south and north again, knew of daylight, and he told many stories of the brightness and shadow to the Inuit people. In time, they began to ask for daylight themselves, but No, said Crow, I am too old to drag daylight so […]

Snowy Owl at Dublin Zoo

People might get the impression I like birds. I really have no particular fondness or interest in them that I’m aware of, except I really like taking pictures of them. No idea why, honestly. This is a good picture in color (I’ll post it if people want to see it), but I think it’s fantastic […]

Waldrap Ibis at Dublin Zoo

I love these birds. They’re so flamboyantly ugly. They’re terribly endangered, with apparently only around 500 left in the wild, and as with all endangered species, I’m perpetually grateful for not only the opportunity to see them at all, but for the conservation and preservation work that zoos all over the world do. It’s not […]