books my friends wrote

So I have mentioned Judith Tarr (aka ) a time or three on this blog. I met Judy because of our mutual publisher, Luna Books, back when I was a brand-new fledgling author, and she was, well, Judith Tarr, author of a zillion amazing historical fantasies. The first half dozen times I emailed with her, […]

One of the things about being a writer is people sometimes ask that you blurb their books. Sometimes they’re total strangers. Sometimes they’re people you’ve known for fifteen years. Being asked by someone you’ve known forever is far more alarming than a stranger asking you, because both parties are painfully aware that it’s not just […]

(This post was written over the course of a few weeks.) I read Kate Elliott’s SPIRIT GATE a few years ago when it first came out, and have had the sequels sitting on my shelf for over a year, unread because (as I may have mentioned previously) being a full-time writer (and Mommy!) really cuts […]

…over on Twitter, Nick Harkaway observes that “So it turns out, interestingly (sort of) that releasing an eshort is more stressful for an author in many ways than releasing a novel…” Oh yes. Yes, for me, absolutely. Much of this is because it’s brand-new and because I am (we are) doing all the leg work, […]

Holy beans, today is a bonanza of self-promotion! (Apparently the whole week is, actually, looking at what I’ve already posted…but anyway!) “Easy Pickings” is now available as a Kindle book AND as a Nook Book! I am VERY EXCITED about this. VERY excited. No, really, I am, because all my crowdfunding aside, this is my […]