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Cannot post. Must finish THE SUN SWORD. *reads voraciously, and wide-eyed* ytd wordcount: 12,200 miles to Dunharrow: 130.8

I have to say, a daily word goal of 1500 words until the book is done is a whole lot less stressful than trying to write 3 or 5K or whatever a day in an attempt to get it done Faster. It’s possible I should consider that in the grand scheme of my career…. I […]

So urban fantasy author J.F. Lewis has been kicked out of his church for writing an urban fantasy vampire novel, STAKED, and for “committing the sins contained within it”. o.O Jeremy emailed me a while before STAKED came out to say he was enjoying the Negotiator books, and we discovered we had Chris McGrath in […]

The astute amongst you have noticed that I’ve got quite a number of work-related thinks to do for somebody who’s nominally on vacation. Foremost is writing the proposal (generally a synopsis (done now!) and 3 chapters) for the fifth Walker Papers novel. About a month ago while I was still working on book 4, I […]

Online conversation just now, regarding tin whistles and guitars and broken fingers (yes, still damaged; we think I probably cracked a bone or two): Kit: so. that’s my goal. Trent: Heal, learn tin whistle, then move on to guitar? Kit: pretty much. despite the fact that tin whistle does not in any way translate to […]