Mountain Echoes by CE Murphy

Aaaaaaaaaand that’s a wrap: SHAMAN RISES went off to my editor yesterday afternoon, and now it’s all over but the revisions. I have one book left under contract and then I’m unemployed. :) I vacillate between relief and panic on that topic, of course. It does rather help knowing that if push comes to shove, […]

Sort of, anyway. Every once in a while* I must remind myself that I do not have to do All The Things All The Time. And sometimes I must say No Stop Don’t Take On Any More Projects, Because Otherwise Your Head Will Explode. So in a momentary fit of sanity prevailing, I declare myself […]

I must be in the running for the Least Neurotic Writer award. Apparently today really is the official release day for RAVEN CALLS. Who knew? There you go, folks. 7 years, 18 books, a comic, a number of anthologies and, at this point, more crowdfunded projects than I can shake a stick at. Pretty cool. […]

I gotta get “Easy Pickings” onto Smashwords. We’re at about 1200 sales via Amazon now, and a couple hundred on BN, plus around 500 (maybe more) from our combined websites, so we’re doing not too badly, I’d say. But I should get it on to that last platform and, er, well, see if it’s *worth* […]

I should be writing, but I’m going to indulge myself with a brief blog post, first. At least, I hope it’ll be brief. I have a variety of cool things in my office, but probably the crowning glory is the shelf of books I’ve written. I get great satisfaction from just sitting here looking at […]