Thanks to the efforts of the magnificent Thirzah Brown, I have a beautiful new website! Equally excitingly, I have, through the good graces of a reader, acquired a comments moderator, which means the comments have been turned back on for the site! COME ONE! COME ALL! SPEAK TO ME! :) This has all been in […]

the essential kit

All right, CEMurphy.Net is officially redirected and folded into mizkit.com. The cemurphy stuff now has a (not dramatically, but) different right nav, header nav, and header than the mizkit stuff. I’m pleased. I’m even *more* pleased that there is now regular new CEMurphy-filtered content popping up under the redirect/new category, without me having to do […]

the essential kit

Novelist Kameron Hurley talks about some of the hurdles of the publishing industry. Tansy Ranyer Roberts responds thoughtfully to Kameron’s post. Sarah Rees Brennan & Holly Black talk about characters of color in their YA novels. You can check out my own post on the topic, too. Laura Anne Gilman L.A. Kornetsky announces two more […]

New Novel Re-tells ‘Pride and Prejudice’ From Servants’ Perspective. Wish I’d thought of that. Also, a romance novelist with a 20 year career turns out to be an 89 year old man. Awesome. :)

The Walker Papers

There are a variety of reasons why the opening chapters of SHAMAN RISES have been difficult to write. One is that I knew when I sent them off to my editor as part of the proposal that I hadn’t really gotten them right yet. I had to fix them (which was made more difficult by […]