A minor accomplishment: I have finished the little 8-page script for Genesis, the first of my Chance-universe tie-in stories. It has been edited by the illustrious Leah Moore, and has been sent off to artist Noval Hernawan, who did a rather splendid character sketch for our main character, Gemma Fade, in her 1950s war-time nurse’s […]

My friend Maura McHugh‘s new Hellboy-universe comic Witchfinder launched this week. There was a signing today at the local comic shop, where I had the following conversation with a friend: Him: Reading any good comics? Me: I’m really reading more *about* comics than actual comics these days. Him: Oh, you mean like academic journals? Me: […]

Me: I have finished a comic script, the first in ages. If I am brave and smart, now I will send it to Leah Moore* for commentary. Leah: Dooooooooooo eeet! Me: But what if it’s AWFUL? Leah: Then I shall post a gif of me frowning slightly and shaking my head very slowly! *giggles helplessly* […]

…if you had a choice between a whole Chance-world origin story or an introduction to a new modern character in the Chance world, which would you prefer? I actually have an artist lined up (possibly even two) so I’m trying to get ducks in a row for doing some kind of mini-stories for web release […]

It’s been a good superhero day. First, this morning: Young Indiana, looking at a picture of the Carol Danvers Ms Marvel: Is that Lightning Lady? Me: . o O ( wow, i have really *got* to write a comic of his superhero characters! ) Later, in the rain: Young Indiana: I’m Superman! I’ll stop the […]