Jon Bon Jovi

So on Wednesday last we realized that my sister’s out-of-town Saturday performance conflicted with the Bon Jovi concert and that meant it was nearly impossible for Mom to go to Deirdre’s show and then babysit, and after a bit of discussion, agreed that the thing to do was for me to ask Kate to come […]

the essential kit

I, despite several warning signs to the contrary, managed to be *so certain* that the Meat Loaf Farewell Tour concert that I bought tickets for in _December_ was tonight, May 19, that I did not check the tickets until I got to the concert venue tonight and nobody was there. The concert was on Friday, […]

the essential kit

So my friend won tickets to see “We Will Rock You” in Dublin and put out a call on FB to see if anybody wanted to go with him. I said, “Me, me!” and so we went. Let me make this clear: “We Will Rock You” is pretty awful…and yet by the end of it, […]

the essential kit

You want to talk about the worst they can say is no! Billy Joel sings “New York State of Mind” with a cheeky college student as his piano accompaniment. It’s *wonderful*. Watch through to the end for the jazzy bits. :)

Picoreview: The Boss puts on a good show. Even if I knew exactly four songs, all hits from the 80s, I’m damned glad we went to the Springsteen concert. It was fun, he was great, he lifted a 7 year old kid up onto the stage to sing with him, and it is my recollection […]