It isn’t particularly easy to travel, even short distances like into Dublin and back, without eating an incredible amount of junk food. Bus stations and things don’t have a lot that’s especially good for you, or not laden with sugar. None the less, I managed to get through the weekend without sugar, because I maintain […]

Came down to Cork yesterday. Met a nice American couple on the train and chatted with them all the way, thus ensuring I wouldn’t get any work done. Current wordcount: 2000 words behind schedule. Ted has done a massive job of packing up. There is no living room, there are only boxes. The bedroom is […]

Frakking Ticketmaster’s released extra “gold circle” tickets at a totally reasonable price for the Bon Jovi concert on Saturday and Ted’s given me permission to go without him, but there is just no practical way to do it. I’d have to go to Dublin, drop off a suitcase either at the train station or at […]