Turned out the Morganville Vampires books reached the end of a story arc with book 6, so I didn’t have to read 15 books this weekend. :) Whew! Seriously, though, the books are a lot of fun, and if you haven’t read them, I feel you ought to go right ahead and get books 1-6 […]

I wanted to do a quick WFC recap before it gets so far away as to be irrelevant, so here I go. :) First off, this was the first con I’d been to since about 2006 that I didn’t have professional obligations at. In fact, that’s almost a blanket statement: the first two conventions I […]

This evening we went out to dinner with Juliet McKenna and Tobias Buckell. On the way back, it was raining and Toby had no hat, no brolly, no hood. When we were nearly at the hotel, a tall man with a large umbrella stepped up beside him and said, “I feel rather like Jeeves!” “Does […]

First I had the Adventures in Airline Tickets, which I will not go into except to say I’ll be making an early-season batch of fudge to send off to people who, while admittedly doing nothing more than their job, did it with grace and humour and helped me immesurably. Next I got safely into Fargo, […]

So I got outbid on that fabulous 1920s style dress, as I’d expected to. I was regretful but not surprised, and started poking around at other not-quite-so-good ones. Then I got an email from a reader. She’d clicked through to see the dress, her husband had seen her looking at it, surmised that she wanted […]