Got through the first pass of NO DOMINION revisions yesterday, and caused myself to burst into tears near the end. I hope that’s a sign of the book doing what it should rather than me desperately needing more sleep. :) To answer the most-oft asked NO DOMINION question: yes, it will eventually be made available […]

I just want to observe that the SPIRIT OF THE CENTURY Kickstarter has crossed the $15K threshold, which means it is now actively moving toward “Catie writes a pulp fiction novel!” Guys, it’s an insane bargain. If, in the goodness of your heart, you want to offer up twenty bucks, you get FIVE BOOKS and […]

Sudden random Kickstarter/crowdfunding question, not that I’m actually planning to do this, I’m just curious: Part of the hard thing about crowdfunding is figuring out how much you oughta ask for. I happen to believe in being pretty transparent about that sort of thing, hence my breakdown of why I was asking $4K for “No […]

So I have mentioned Judith Tarr (aka ) a time or three on this blog. I met Judy because of our mutual publisher, Luna Books, back when I was a brand-new fledgling author, and she was, well, Judith Tarr, author of a zillion amazing historical fantasies. The first half dozen times I emailed with her, […]

I closed out the NO DOMINION rough draft a couple hours ago, at 60,438 words. Novella, my hiney. It’s exactly twice the length I anticipated it being, and will without a doubt get longer in revisions. Which I am not going to do right now. I may very well even send it in the wreck-of-a-state […]