Picking up on yesterday’s crowdfunding commentary: What sorts of rewards would be attractive? Rewards are the hardest thing about crowdfunding, I think. (Except for the general nerve-wracking “I’m throwing a party and wonder if anybody will come!” aspect of it.) Your basic reward for crowdfunded storytelling is the story. $5 gets you the e-book. There’s […]

I have SO MUCH to write about what I’ve learned from running the Kickstarter campaign that I’ve basically been unable to move forward on it, you know? Too much information and not enough mental capacity to break it down. Fortunately for me, a friend who is looking at running some crowdfunding had a list of […]

Congratulations to the “No Dominion” Kickstarter patrons, who have funded themselves a novel. The wordcount is currently at 40,200 words and climbing. By SFWA standards, 40K is a short novel, and I figure I’ve got 5-10K left to write. Wow. 15200 / 50000 (30.40%)

“No Dominion” is now 30,005 words long, making it officially the longest novella I’ve ever written. It is possible I have reached the halfway point and don’t yet know it, but I have definitely *not* reached the halfway point of the second section, which is currently 10,000 words long. I am hoping that tomorrow will […]

This is the landing page for my second major crowdfunding project of 2011, the Old Races Short Story Project. I’m posting it here and now because The Rose & Bay Crowdfunding Award is open for nominations, but it’s also a really good way to do a year-end round-up and look at what I’ve accomplished in […]