Ted was morally superior this morning and got up and went to the gym. I, on the other hand, slept until the cats came and lay on me, and then slept some more. I’ll go do my pilates in a minute, but I feel kind of guilty. Especially since it’s not actually raining this morning, […]

Ok, so it looks like I *am* going to go into Dublin tomorrow afternoon for the Neil Gaiman thing at Eason’s. I’ll probably get into town around 3pm, as I want to go to Chapters and sign books and chat, and to swing by Sub City, so…anybody up for an early (and cheap) dinner? I’m […]

This morning, while reading an article about Tina Fey’s wildly successful Sarah Palin impersonations, I came upon the line “It’s the court jester’s job to make fun of the king.” This, *obviously*, triggered “You can have no idea how happy I was you had come to make music for me again,” and now, god damn […]

Is anybody going to the Neil Gaiman signing thing at Eason’s in Dublin on the 30th of October? I’d kind of like to go, but it’d be more fun with people. Maybe there could be a dinner before or afterward or something? She said hopefully? :) (Oh, also, totally unrelated, but no matter how many […]

Y’know a couple weeks ago when I slept funny and woke up with my arm flung behind me? The joint’s been all achy and mucked up since then, but this morning it suddenly went CLICK and is fine again. It never ceases to amaze me both how much discomfort the body can become accustomed to […]