We’re in America (in Upper Peninsula Michigan, which is full of motels that look like the Winchesters would stay there. We concluded, however, that they would probably be smart enough to avoid the nearby one called ‘Sleepy Hollow’.), and I left my tablet charger at home, so I’ve been offline since it ran out of […]

With ongoing apologies to Jane Austen, and a wish for all to have a Happy Midwinter Holiday, I present to you the third chapter of MAGIC & MANNERS, which is what happens when I get it into my head to wonder what PRIDE & PREJUDICE would be like if it was not a lack of […]

Kitsnaps: Ancient Queens & Modern Schemes

This is my favorite picture from the recent trip to London: Boudicca and the Millenium Wheel. I just like the juxtaposition of ancient and modern. And it’s in a snowstorm. For the win. :)

From our trip to London last month! We about froze to death on the bus tour (because we were FOOLS and rode on the TOP) but it was well worth it. Our guide, Barry, was so brilliant we were totally unwilling to hop off anywhere for fear of missing the rest of his lecture, and […]